Monday, September 24, 2007

Taylor Turns TWO!

It's so odd for me to think that I have two toddlers, and no babies! We celebrated Taylor's 2nd birthday this Sunday and since cupcakes are all the rage these days, we had to make her a cupcake cake! Kate was a big help in blowing out the candles- but Taylor definitely can hold her own when it comes to eating...she sure outdid Kate on this one.

Taylor's absolute favorite thing in the world- babies! So, this was a perfect gift from her Nana. It was so funny to hear her reaction to this doll...she saw it, screamed, and then said "Oh my gosh!"...I've never heard those words come out of her mouth- it was pretty hilarious.

Sweet tooth?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bebense, Bebense!

This is us- at our first family football game and it happens to be a BYU one! We made the drive up to Tulsa to see BYU get worries, we still had tons of fun watching the girls take in their first tailgate party and all of the screaming fans. I don't think they really understood the concept of all the screaming going on, but eventually they started chiming in- Taylor first with Bebense, Bebense (Defense, Defense!) followed by Kate with B-Y-U, B-Y-U! It was really cute. Here are some pics of our late, late night...enjoy!

Kate showing her "Cougar Pride" with some friends at our tailgate

Taylor- tailgatin' it up!

Like Daddy, like daughter

Thursday, September 6, 2007

there and back again ... Brian finishing another Hood to Coast relay race

Brian completed his "boy-outing" for the year...Hood To Coast Relay Race in Oregon. 197 miles in a day and a half and Brian did it all by himself! Just kidding- its a relay race and he's one of a 12-member team. He loves this event and this was his fourth year to do it. As you can tell, the scenery is incredible along the way (not a bad way to run a race)...starts on Mt. Hood and ends at the ocean. Gotta love it!

Summer Fun

We've Moved! We made the "big move"! We are absolutely loving our new home, neighborhood, and ward here. The girls love their new house and their self-proclaimed "Princess Beds"- they even get an entire room to themselves upstairs to play with their toys, although they still prefer to follow mommy around all day long...

Here's Kate at our new house. She's our little "princess" lately- and our little swimmer. She learned to swim this summer and wakes up in the morning with going to the pool as her #1 priority. I'm sure glad she's old enough to reason with!

Taylor is entering the Terrible Two's, but since she's so great at giving hugs and kisses whenever you ask, we'll take the inevitable tantrums every once in a while- Parenting is all about gives and takes. :) She's talking up a storm lately, repeating everything she hears- nothing like 2 and 3 year olds to keep parents on their A-game.