Friday, September 26, 2008


"They just don't have the regulations in Mexico ..."

24 hours ago we had quite a scare on Cozumel island. The four of us rented scooters to tour the island. About 30 minutes into the ride the road got a little bumpy and Rachel went off a sweet jump ... not so sweet. I was in front and heard yelling--my heart sank as I turned around to see Rachel on the street--all messed up. Her knee was busted completely open and foot scraped up. I held her knee together while we waited for the ambulance. We had a long ride back to some small clinic where she received an unknown amount of stitches ...

The scare is Rachel being pregnant ... fortunately, we were able to hear the baby's heart beat--everything appears to be okay--Keep Rach in your prayers.

She is resting today ... we have to go back to the hospital tomorrow and go from there.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Beach and I....

Will become very good friends tomorrow.  Brian and I are off to Mexico in the morning for 7 days and hubby surprised me with a little kids.   We are meeting up with our good friends, the Robinsons, for a week of sand, beach, pool, good food, spa packages, sleeping in, and some serious relaxation.  You heard last hurrah before baby #3!  I cannot wait- Playa del Carmen, here we come!  Seriously, what did I do to deserve this?  :)  Love ya, babe!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Taylor's Tea Party

For Taylor's 3rd Birthday we had a girly, girly Tea Party (gosh, it seems like we were posting about her second birthday just yesterday)!  It was alot of (crazy) fun. The girls each painted a piece from Taylor's Tea Set, played "Pin the Lid on the Teapot", ate sandwiches, ran around...a lot, and then had a teapot-shaped cupcake cake.  

I will probably say this every year, but I cannot believe how fast time passes and how much older my little babies are getting!  Taylor is just so sweet...well, most of the time.  She's so cuddly, loveable, easy-going, and always armed with a smile.  Seriously, I could look at this first picture all day long...I really cannot get enough of my buggity-boo. Happy 3rd Birthday Taylor-po!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thank You....

For all the help with girl names- I think we've narrowed down our list to at least....10! We appreciate your congrats and kind thoughts.

And, thanks to Hurricane Ike- for missing the north Dallas area almost completely. All of our Saturday plans were cancelled, leaving us with a less-than-eventful rainy day but with a gorgeous Sunday- as shown here. We took a walk in our neighborhood, on the trails, and found a turtle and some rolie-polies. The second picture is of Taylor "crawling like a turtle".

Friday, September 5, 2008

We're excited for a baby SISTER, but ...

... we don't know what to call her ... any suggestions??

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kate & Taylor in Stop Motion ...

Want to see what 80 pictures in 10 seconds looks like? The girls and I enjoying the day off together.