Monday, May 26, 2008


We got ourselves a new couch last week, but we're not sure if the wall color is right, the color of the couch is a very light tan and the walls are just a few shades darker...we are thinking of an olive green or something in that color you have any ideas??? Brian and I are going to try and get it done this weekend and we'll post after-pictures. Would love to hear your opinion ...

Saturday, May 24, 2008


We decided to go on a family bike ride out in Fairview on Saturday morning. Brian loaded the girls up in the Burley (the "carriage") and we rode out to a beautiful neighborhood nearby. On the way there, we stopped to feed the horses some carrots. Mommy did most of the feeding though- I think the idea of the girls coming in such close contact with a horses' mouth was just a bit intimidating- uh, and gross.

Later that day, we went out for ice-cream and made a fun stop at a pet store to see the animals. We had to drag Taylor out of there, kicking and screaming! She did not want to leave. Then, we came home and broke out the sprinklers for the girls to run around in. Afterwards, we made cookies and watched a movie together on our new (hooray!) couch.

Too cute to photoshop ...

Saturday, May 17, 2008


This afternoon I took the girls out to lunch while Rachel attended a baby shower. After lunch, we explored a new place across the street from the McDonald's we ate at (always a healthy choice w/ dad) ... it appears to be a Croatian/ Mediterranean-inspired development complete w/ a hotel, shopping, living, etc. It was fun to photograph ... off from the future hotel was the beginnings of a small vineyard that the girls named "the secret garden" (3rd picture down).

About 30 minutes into our
self-guided tour (and blocks from our car) the girls decided they couldn't walk any further and that they needed their mom. The trip to ADRIATICA (McKinney, TX) was a little short-changed, but we'll be back--and next time it will be legal (we had to hop over a couple of fences to get in some parts). Enjoy.

The "secret garden", or the only "hill" in Texas, right off the freeway.

Kate is embracing her calling as my model ... either that or she's itching her legs from the grass we trail blazed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Just a couple shots of some swimming from this past weekend.

Friday, May 2, 2008


For those who don't know ... I take part in a race every year called Hood to Coast ... a scenic relay race that starts atop Mt. Hood and ends at the beach (Seaside, Oregon). I run for the
North American Distance Sprinters or the N.A.D.S., captained by Brett Davis or "Head Nad."

This year, Film for Thought, Inc. is making a documentary film about the race ... much like "Spirit of the Marathon" for all those who had the chance to see that film in theaters.

We have a shot at being part of the film ... but for now, we'll settle for being in the trailer. This is my way of plugging Hood to Coast ... it's by far the best race out there!