Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy B-day Luke ... and Brandon

Luke had his 3rd Birthday on Saturday...Swimming + Cupcakes + Kids = PERFECT. Nana and Papa heated the pool so none of us had an excuse not to get in, except for Lauren who slept the party away. Happy Birthday Luke!

That night we went to Benihana's to celebrate Brandon's 21st birthday. It was such a fun night because it was probably the first time we've all gotten together without our kids- and adult conversation is always a plus. Happy Birthday Brandon!


Joyner Family said...

Those are such great pictures! Those kids do love to swim and eat cupcakes that's for sure. We definitely need to do adult outings more often.

Lindsey said...

Such cute always! I'm sure you weren't thrilled with that pic of you nursing....but you look GORGEOUS!

If it makes you feel any better, I can still remember how excited I was when Hazel finally got on the charts by making it into the 2nd percentile. :) It's okay to be skinny. Look at you! It's obviously in her genes! You have to have some small babies and some gigantor babies or there wouldn't be an average to look at! Did that make sense?

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