Friday, January 7, 2011

Little Lady Turns Two!

Lauren here, with her gift from Aunt Rebecca, could not be happier. The Terrible Two's have not hit yet...we are crossing our fingers that they never appear.
We sure love this little one...she is the happiest and most easy-going 2-year-old we know! Happy Birthday Lauren!


brian said...

happy birthday lauren. we love u.


Rebecca said...

awww, how cute! amelia does the same thing with hers- puts all her stuffed animals in there and carts them around. we even put amelia in there and let oliver push her. it's pretty funny looking.

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

i'm jealous! ethan is definitely going to hit/has already hit his terrible 2's. he has so many opinions! i love her toothy, toothy grin.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Lauren! That is such a cute bday present. Lauren is a doll.

Jill Bagley said...

what a cutie.
but i think that when you have a really sweet one, its not terrible twos, its terrible threes.
my baby thinks she has to do EVERYTHING by herself, because shes a big girl. and throws tantrums.
its so annoying. i wish i had someone doing everything for me!! she doesnt know how good she has it.
hopefully, your baby will just pass the twos and threes and never have any bad phases!! :)

Anonymous said...

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