Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Family Home Evening...

We held FHE last night- we are trying to make this a regular occurrence as we have not been great at doing it thus far. So, here goes the first week- I taught the lesson on "Being Kind". Teaching two and three year olds can be intense for a parent who's trying to get a lesson across- Taylor lasted about one minute (this picture was obviously taken within that time span) and Kate is our star student- always aiming to please and very attentive- so sweet. I taught them what "kind" meant, then read Luke 6:13, and finally we sang "Kindness Begins with Me" from the Primary Songbook. I actually drew pictures to help them remember the words- but I'll spare you those-they were pretty bad (I am NOT an artist).

I don't know why Kate has this scared look on her face-maybe I was being a little too intense! :)